Welcome to the home of the 1st black superhero from Brooklyn!

Brooklyn Comicon 2019

Vodou Man visits Brooklyn Comicon at the Brooklyn Expo Center.  It was lit!  There was a wrestling match, cosplay galore, dancing and more. Vodou Man makes it his business to meet the public he protects from danger.  

G-Redemption Interviews

In this segment we interview Mr. GP and Starasia, two star actors from G-Redemption. They share their experiences while shooting the series. 


They fight crime in the heart of Brooklyn spreading fear among drug dealers and killers that they will be the next victim of Vodou Man & Vodou Girl.  Too late to turn back now that they've taken money and drugs from those who would kill for it.  The blow back is real but our superhero team is always ready.

G-Redemption Loves the Kids

How to help kids cope with loss? Love and affection is the approach Malcolm takes with Ruby after losing several family members. Malcolm fights crime at night as the Voodoo Man but his toughest challenge is taking care of his niece, Ruby who's full of emotions. 




Driving While Black is an unwritten crime in most states. When should you fight the power? How do you avoid getting shot?  We explore these questions in the best web series out now,                  

Baron The Voodoo Man

Hero based on Voodoo folklore fights gangs and drug dealers at night.  The  Baron doesn't carry and gun but  still punishes criminals with brass knuckles and brute strength. 

Superhero Smack Down

Our heroes take on criminals in the dead of night. Bats and brass knuckles even the odds as Baron & Mary take their fight against crime  to the heart of the streets. 

Relationship Trap

Everyone falls into the relationship trap including night time vigilantes like Malcolm.  He struggles to balance his personal and night life as but it ain't easy.  Ex's and excuses is a scene from G-Redemption episode 8.


Outtakes and bloopers from the only web series with comedy, action and romance. Watch funny moments from behind the scenes of G-Redemption series starring your favorite cast of actors.  

Dreams & Nightmares

She lost her parents after a night at the movie theater. Now her Uncle James is the only one who can stop her nightmares as they come to life. Scene from Episode 7.


The black hooded Avenger known as the Baron fights crime at night as James tries to stay out of the street life.  Things heat up as his gangsta pal Steel gets out  of jail and declares war on . Episode 6 ... the Recap.


Criminals are afraid to walk the street at night  because there is a masked vigilante kicking ass and taking names. There is another side to that mask. Behind the Mask Malcolm Joseph still loves & laughs like everyone else.  Scene from Episode 1.


Haunted by the chaos and destruction he caused on the streets, Malcolm returns to his hood as a masked vigilante fighting crime.  He joins forces with his former gang bro, who is now a Pastor, to bring criminals to justice.


A web series about Gangstas & Gentlemen. James is a recently released convict who became a pastor while incarcerated.  He returns to the neighborhood he once terrorized in order to right his wrongs.  He soon finds himself in an intricate web of drugs, gangs and masked vigilantes. 


Local Pastor joins forces with masked Vigilante to fight gangs of NY in this gritty urban web series. See previews now.